Still iussues with my viewer

I am hardly trying to come back  blogging but my viewer is not working as it should and any time that I try to use high performance settings I crash or I cannot take a good snapshot. That’s my pc fault, so if I don’t find a solution I might be done with second life or with most of the things I was doing before.

I think you all have heard about the earthquake in Japan, so please if you can, click this link and read how one of our sponsor 22769 Casual couture is supporting Japanese people.

I will be back

I am having some iussues and cannot use second life: the viewer is realy being a pain for me. I will ba back really quick, give me a few days to set it up.

Thanks for your understanding.


your Kit Donogal.


Tatoo nightmare free from Wicked tatoos & clothing, prize for midnight mania board

Skin from Tellaq, old midnight mania prize

swimwear free from Shiki, winter festival hunt, see my previous post

Jacket and shirt free group gft from Upperman

Jeans part of a complete outfit from 22769 casual couture ( not free ), tp to the locker room to get it for the steal of 80 L $. see my previous post

shoes freebie from Gizza creations

April showers

There is a little store hunt going on at Dura, you can get hair ( there are 10 hair colors to find ) and clothes.
Look for the hidden little, pink, Japanese dolls.

Hair free from Dura

Jeans and  nylon jacket free from Arai, store hunt at Dura

white shirt and shoes free from Gizza creations, see my previous posts for more.

Shirt free from Graffitiwear, St Patrick day group gift.

Jeans free from Arai, store hunt at Dura

El alma de Cuba

Today I have got from 22769 casual couture the red suede gift. It’s perfect for your casual look but also for your crazy nights to go out dancing. This outfit is not free but a  you can find it at Locker Room for the  steal of 80L $. From 22768 your girl can get some nice outfits:  she will find them at Embody shapes and poses. Embody is organizing a little fair on the roof of the store: there she will find many clothes for 10L $, from 22769 she can get one outfit for 10L $ and another one for free, gift for the Spring store hunt ( look for  sculpted violet flowers ).

Jeans and shirt from 22769 Casual couture, the red suede outfit ( not free, but you can get it for the steal of 80L $ don’t miss this great outfit )
You will find this outfit at Locker Room..

Shoes free from Gizza creations, part of a free outfit, see my previous posts for more. Check Gizza in world for more.

here I am showing you just another way to wear this amazing outfit. i did a mix and match and I am ready for dancing salsa.

shoes new freebie From SF designs. These shoes are color change, so you can use them to match many clothes.

Pants free from Havana on the docks, menstuff hunt.

The explorer

Explorer outfit from Curious steamstress, gift for steam hunt4

Boots see clock tower desigs , gift for steam hunt4 my previous post

sweter free from Chantkare man, in store there is a free gift for her too. Look for the two gift bag.

White pants free from Valiant, menstuff hunt gift

Shoes free from Gizza Creations, part of a complete outfit.

Boxers free from Vitamen, monthly gift. go upstairs and you will find this item.

More from Steam hunt4

Here I am showing you more gifts from the Steam hunt. This is the right moment to get cool furniture. To see more details click on the photos.

A: powered butter churn from Ville de Giverny

B: Lamps from Axo’s elemental motifs

C: visual communicator from Whitechapel

D: coffee make from  Anhk morpork

E: lantern staff from Steampunk emporium

F: distillation apparatus from Lucid dreams

G: from Amulet, this item makes a lot of funny effects but I’d need a movie to show you them.

A: morse booth from Dreamer design

B: ship-bed from Cedar bay home furnishing

C: lamp from Myluminations

D: fainting couch from Naughty victorian

E: Engineering table  from E&D Engineering

F:  handheld Dormouse from Absent

A: fireplace from Heart & home

B: Chair , table, lamp from Capalini fine furnishing

C: petey peterson from Pop tart

D: chair, brick wall, flowers from Chic buildings

E: temp vehicle from Xcentricity & nix sands

F: bistro table and stools  from Eternal blessing

G:  garden spinner from Steamstyle’s

A: lap and picture frames from gear & glass

B: skybox ( view from inside ) from Morigi steam

C:  metropol misc en scene from Old world & new world. I had no time  to rezz the products, but the box shows very well the products.

D:  steam barrel raft from Arctor.


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